Simon “JJ” Racaza was born in Cebu City, Philippines on April 16, 1980. He started shooting at approximately six years old with a bolt action single shot air rifle. At about the age of nine, his father, who was an A class shooter (1 class below a Master) started bringing him to his practice sessions and minor matches. Being a typical kid idolizing his father, “JJ” mimicked his father’s shooting. “JJ”s father noticed his skills and decided to hone it. With that, his Dad had him try shooting. “JJ” stepped up, held the 1911 .45 cal. and fired his first pistol shots. Shot after shot, he couldn’t miss and with everyone watching it, his firing seemed effortless. After that first day of shooting, “JJ” never looked back. That was the beginning of Simon “JJ” Racaza’s blossoming career. Sadly, due to financial reasons, his father gave up the sport and decided to train “JJ” full time to compete. From junior titles to man vs. man — well at that time it was really boy vs. man events, “JJ” developed his confidence. He started to win and dominate his division as a junior by large margins within a few months. With confidence rising, strict training, and hard-work, “JJ” was consistently placing in the top 10 of the overall competitions by the age of 11 years old. Unmistakably, by the age of 13 “JJ” established himself a name to be reckoned with in the Philippine shooting industry.

Although there were hindrances to practice his shooting, he made up all his practice time with dry fire. “JJ” religiously dry fired about 45+ minutes every day. Now at the age of 30, all his hard work is starting to pay off.  He will lead the US Gold Team to the 2011 World Shooting Championships as the #1 qualifier. With a full-time job as a federal agent/trainer, “JJ” manages to successfully juggle both his full-time job and compete at the pro-level. He is consistently one of the top contenders if not the top competitor in any match he enters. A force to be reckoned with, it was noted on, “Unless you are talking about a Hi-Point or a Lorcin the gun you have will most definitely shoot better than 90 percent of the people holding it. This is a fact that can be proven time and time again. Good ammo and a brand name gun will be a better shooting package than most of us out there can use unless your name is JJ Racaza.”

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